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Start Your Journey With One Life

Here is the best part- You’re not just attending an event



You learn & train

in stock market 

Mentors at One Life are the best from the industry. Their authority & authenticity translate into massive breakthroughs for each attendee. Every session is curated to give you nothing but the best to progress your growth with an in-depth understanding of the subject. 



You will bring forth

your best self

By immersing participants in a curated selection of concepts, techniques, and practices, One Life aims to provide a comprehensive and accelerated learning experience. The program draws from various disciplines such as psychology, self-help, mindfulness, productivity, and goal-setting to offer a well-rounded approach to personal development.



You will embrace your child-like spirit once again

Play is at the core of all that we offer, whether it's cultivating a life of inspiration, fostering creativity and emotional intelligence, or experiencing personal growth. Awaken your inner-child through a variety of activities designed to surprise and engage you. From group challenges to lively line dances and an abundance of laughter, we create an environment where play thrives and brings about transformative experiences.



A memorable experience at  a stunning location

We break away from traditional and mundane 

conferences by ensuring that your experience transcends the confines of seminar halls and takes you to extraordinary, resort-like destinations. Comparable to attending a vibrant festival, you'll have the opportunity to dance through the night, witness breathtaking sunrises, and create unforgettable memories together,
all set against the backdrop of a paradise location.



Endure relationships far beyond the program itself

One Life holds the power to facilitate profound connections and foster new business collaborations. The true enchantment of One Life lies in the depth of these connections and the exceptional quality of its tribe members. Each person comes together with a shared intention of spreading love, celebrating one another's achievements, and embracing a culture of open-hearted learning from one another.

Speakers & Facilitators


I’m Asmita Patel, and I am so excited to see you here. We teach best, what we need to learn the most. And for me, teaching is a way to unleash your financial journeys by breaking the myths of the conventional stock market and making peaceful prosperity with freedom of time.

After years of research, trials and errors, I created a patent trading strategy and that’s when things really started to shift. I have spent over 17 years trading full time, using price action technique that takes just 15 minutes a day to trade profitably without using any indicators, patterns, greeks or trendlines. This revolutionary change is here to make money happen.

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Sidharth Shah

Business Coach 

IIM graduate, ranker Chartered Accountant and gold medalist in MBA.  Known for bringing success and more than satisfactory results for thousands of people, seeking to achieve massive results. ‘Whatever the mind can conceive & believe, the mind can achieve’.


Aparna Sundar

Aparna creates therapeutic listening experiences using sacred instruments such as Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, chimes, ambient sounds, that guide you into a state of deep relaxation, as well as promote self-discovery, healing for the mind, body, and spirit.

Sound Therapist


Amit Kalantri

 Author & Mentalist

His mentalism skills at mind reading, mind control, telepathy, is once in a lifetime kind of experience.His charming ways and pleasing persona wins your heart straight away!


Sharad Jain

Inspirational  Speaker

A true catalyst of transformation, who can ignite your imaginations, challenge your perceptions, and revolutionize the way you think. Prepare to embark on a riveting journey of discovery as you delve into uncharted territories of insight and inspiration.



Yoga Guru 

Possessing extensive knowledge and experience in various aspects of yoga, including hatha yoga (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and philosophy. She helps you develop a holistic approach to life, emphasising self-awareness, inner peace, and spiritual growth. 


Priyanka Patel

Sound Practitioner

 A Sound Practitioner with 11 years of experience in the wellness industry, learnt from various well renowned masters across the globe and helping people raise their consciousness & to live a harmonious life.


Annkur Pathakk

Musician & Singer 

Singer-Composer in Bollywood, has worked with amazing singers like Mohammad Irfan, Yaseer Desai, Rupali Jagga. His genre is Soulful Romantic songs. Find a few of his finest songs on Zee music. He has performed over 250+ shows live


Dr. Shuchita Bhanushali


A certified health and wellness coach, the face behind Edesia Nutrition, she endorses healthy eating with a scientific approach. Known for her charismatic style she motivates you to make positive and meaningful changes to health without being dull or overly restrictive.


Swapnil Wedhikar

Talk2Music Guru

A Mechanical Engineer turned Performing Singer since 2001, he head's India's finest Entertainer - Band Rudraksh who have been entertaining audiences in Bollywood & Suffii Fusion genres. He is also a Lyricist, Music Composer & Producer. 


Hetal Patel

Yoga Coach

A certified yoga coach. Pursuing PhD in Yoga, “yog nidra in relation to stress management”. She provides guidance to individuals seeking to deepen their yoga practice or address specific health concerns.


3 Days In Paradise

Discover an unrivalled One Life experience at Rio Royale. Rio Royale is an inspiring blend of contemporary style, unparalleled facilities. Inspired by the world famous temples this oasis of luxury is a perfect setup for One Life Experience.

A sneak peek into the classic landscape of Rio Royale:

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Confirm Your Spot

Do you want to grow?

Don’t have a tribe of like-minded traders around you?

Join this adventurous Summit in Goa.

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One Life Community

Learn together, earn together, grow together.
With a wide array of industry leading coaches in attendance, this event is sure to be a complete breakthrough experience, combining the power of knowledge, network and community.

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Reasons To Love One Life



Connect With Us

Share the journey with like minded tribe.
We obsess over how we can bring like-minded people together. Freshers and experienced traders walking together on the road to financial freedom.



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